Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Research Offers New Opportunities in Bio-neoconsulting

Constantly pushing the boundaries -- this is what neoconsulting is all about. Simply put, Sarah E. Umetsu has discovered the next frontier; the abstract speaks for itself:

We have examined the function of TIM-1, encoded by a gene identified as an 'atopy susceptibility gene' (Havcr1 *), and demonstrate here that TIM-1 is a molecule that costimulates T cell activation. TIM-1 was expressed on CD4+ T cells after activation and its expression was sustained preferentially in T helper type 2 (TH2) but not TH1 cells. In vitro stimulation of CD4+ T cells with a TIM-1-specific monoclonal antibody and T cell receptor ligation enhanced T cell proliferation; in TH2 cells, such costimulation greatly enhanced synthesis of interleukin 4 but not interferon-. In vivo, the use of antibody to TIM-1 plus antigen substantially increased production of both interleukin 4 and interferon- in unpolarized T cells, prevented the development of respiratory tolerance, and increased pulmonary inflammation. Our studies suggest that immunotherapies that regulate TIM-1 function may downmodulate allergic inflammatory diseases.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Neoconsulting Extraordinaire

Greg Page has been in the business for years. His talent is available to VIPs only. After building one of the most elite and powerful client lists in the industry, he is now on sabbatical, providing his services to another VIP: The United States of America. While we are honored to provide his clients with our services in his absence, we hope that he returns (perhaps bringing a new perspective with his advanced intelligence training).