Friday, September 30, 2005

Update: DC Office up and Running!

Our network continues to grow. With offices already in Prague, Dubai, and New York, we are currently expanding our neoconsulting network to Washington, DC. Our top priorities for the region are grassroots mobilization, aggressive lobbying, and comprehensive litigation. For maps and satellite images of the new office, see:,+Washington,+DC.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Looking for Immigration and Employment Neoconsulting

An overseas colleague from our Karachi office, Amer Ahmed, has encountered a snag at the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services. We are currently searching for a dynamic solution to this static situation. Legal remedies are all but exhausted; forgeries and sneakery may be ill-advised at this juncture. One of our subsidiaries has invested massive capital in an italian import-export business, as well as in some smaller electronics side-projects, most notably involving an emerging Thai producer, known as Insignia. Unfortunately, this latest snag has put our credit line in jeopardy. We welcome all bids, on a non-binding, interest-free, contingency basis.