Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Neoreporting: The New Journalistic Frontier

Three ambulances, four fire trucks, a handful of squad cars, and dozens of Chicago's finest: creating a bottleneck on Belmont and trapping scores of passengers on the 77, 151, and 156 bus routes, emergency response teams are tending to the many elderly residents in the Bel Harbour Condominims. These residents have been without power for upwards of twelve hours, and counting, due to last night's harrowing storm. Many live in relative luxury above the twentieth floor, but without an operating elevator, most are stranded without air conditioning and face rising temperatures. They are unable to take the stairs, which in addition to being steep, hot, and stagnant, are currently pitch black. Our team of neocorrespondents are are the scene now. We hope to have a quantitative analysis of the grid failures soon. UPDATE: Once again, the Tribune is a step behind, and, not surprisingly, they focus on Lincoln Park residents; no doubt there were many others throughout the city. Very paleo.

Mayhem at 420 W. Belmont

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Monday, August 04, 2008

Another Industry Hindered by Its Reliance on Paleoconsulting

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Posted on 04 Aug 2008 at 15:13 UTC

The airline industry needs neoconsulting. Our latest research has revealed a 38% drop in traveler productivity, and the decrease bears an inverse geometric relationship to the per-barrel price of light sweet crude oil in inflation adjusted terms (£). Long story short, demand pressures have not been able to outstrip fuel-price-driven cost overruns in any of the major international carriers, leaving domestic bargain airlines to fall behind in all significant benchmarks. Price, services, and most notably on time performance have suffered drastically. Regional effects have been most severe in the great lakes region. Chicago has been hit the hardest. Our local affiliates will be agressively pursuing solutions but the time horizons may be eclipsed by general market upturns. UPDATE: The Tribune subsequently picked up on related research (see comment).